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NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines

NAHAD Member TIPCO Technologies is a listed member in the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD). NAHAD provides its Hose Assembly Guidelines products as training, reference and, marketing resources designed to ensure safer, higher quality, more reliable hose assemblies. The Guidelines have been developed to assist hose assembly distributors, manufacturers and end-users by providing a basic set of performance factors related to the proper selection of components and recommendations for the design, fabrication, and specification of hose assemblies.

With the goal of creating standards to ensure the safest, highest quality, most reliable hose assemblies, NAHAD -- a globally recognized association with 400+ member companies -- has developed a unique set of industry guidelines for the specifying, design, fabrication, and packaging of hose assemblies. It took an unprecedented collaboration within the industry to make the Guidelines a reality. For more than a decade, NAHAD members, both Distributors and Manufacturers, sent their best technical people to draft this comprehensive set of documents.

The results of their efforts are five distinct NAHAD Hose Assembly Guidelines:


Industrial Hose

Hydraulic Hose

Fluoropolymer Hose

Corrugated Metal Hose

Composite Hose


Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Industrial Hose Assembly