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PROCO Products, Inc.

Proco Products TIPCO is a distributor of PROCO Products. Proco Products, Inc. is the global leader in the design and supply of expansion joints for piping/ducting systems. Proco has prided themselves on offering the most complete line of products to suit a variety of applications. These products include rubber and molded PTFE expansion joints, braided flexible hose assemblies and low torque sealing gaskets.

Proco stocks an extensive inventory of expansion joints including rubber expansion joints, PTFE expansion joints and flexible metal connectors.


Proco Products, Inc.

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PROCO Products, Inc.

TIPCO Premier Supplier
Whenever piping runs through walls, floors, tanks and/our vaults, the Pen-Seal design helps to assist in achieving an efficient, low-cost mechanical gas or watertight seal. This installation video helps demonstrate how to properly install Pen-Seals in your piping system.

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Do you currently use Pipe Penetration Seals (Pen-Seal) from Proco Products? We are very excited to announce the release of a very exciting tool to help aid in properly selecting and installing Pen-Seals into your piping system. The Proco Pen-Seal Calculator is designed to assist you in selecting the correct number of links and the correct size of link for pipe penetrations passing through walls and/or floors. To achieve a 100% water-tight seal, enter in your Pipe O.D. dimension and your Penetration I.D. to provide you with the required combination.

TIPCO Premier Supplier PROCO Products offers a calculator for determining your Pen-Seal solution.